ELECTROLUX Tumble Dryer T5300S

  • High productivity – 2 full loads per hour per pocket
  • Low energy consumption for optimal efficiency and economy
  • Selection of temperature and time for easy operation
  • Customized user panels for specific user needs – available for Coin and OPL (On Premises Laundry)
  • Large door opening for easy loading and unloading
  • Easy access to vital parts from front and rear for simple servicing
  • With Compass Pro program control:
    • Large and clear display for easy program selection
    • Easy access with user-friendly interface
    • Language selection
    • Service program for adjustment of parameters
    • USB connection
  • Service program for adjustment of parameters eg. temperature and cool-down time
  • The coin version with Ecopower to avoid over drying of the garments & get a lower energy consumption

ADC 30 Pounds (16KG) High Capacity Dryer

Our American Dryer Corporation (ADC) high capacity dryers are imported from American, 100% new. ADC the leader in commercial and industrial dryers, the EcoDry dryer is our most energy efficient while ensuring optimum dry times and thru-put.

  • Residual Moisture Control (RMC)
  • Self-Diagnostic Microprocessor Control
  • 100% Axial Airflow
  • Completely Sealed Basket
  • Non-Perforated Ribs and Basket
  • Dual-Paned Door Glass
  • Four-Point Roller Support System