Burglarproof design. Easy installation and maintenance.
Computerized vend and sales records.
Suitable for small and medium size items.

Wall Mounted Mini Vending Machines

Wall mounted vending machines are a compact, space saving alternative to large floor standing vending machines.

They can dispense a range of different products from drinks to snacks, to restroom convenience products and so much more.


Dimension (cm)
50W x 19D x 85H

5 rows or more

LED Display

Easy Touch Keypad

35kg (nett)

Coin Box Capacity
300 pcs

Strong Tempered Glass

Waterproof Stainless Steel Cabinet

Why Invest in Vending Machine Business?

Wall Mounted Mini Vending Machine is easy to configure, convenient to use anytime, anywhere! It can operate 365 days X 24 hours.
Prominent controller board and keypad with LED light buttons. Burglarproof design with strong tempered glass and waterproof stainless steel cabinet.

You can design your own mini vending machine!
Steady Income

The vending machine business is often profitable within a few months. Once you have selected the right locations and established your routes, a vending machine operator only needs to stock up the machines and collecting the money hence enjoying a steady income.

Easy to Operate

Once you have established your routine, the business is relatively easy to operate. Locate a wholesale food supplier to buy your products. Next, determine how often to visit your locations. It is important to keep the food fresh and replace anything that has expired.


The cost of this mini vending machine is significantly lower than traditional vending machines. Besides requiring much lower initial investment, it also allows the operator to assess the potential of that location before acquiring a bigger or more machines.

Getting Good Locations

Finding the right location for a vending machine is a challenge. Several factors need to be analyzed to maximize profitability. Please consult us for a better decision.

Suitable Places to Install